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Flying trip Breda Aviation 25-01-15

Sunday January 25 we went on a flying trip organised by Breda Aviation. With two pipers (PH-LAG and PH-SPO) and an Aquilla (G-GAEA) we flew to France.

for the day:

Vingerhoeds, Wilco de Wijze, Remy Weemhoff, Frank van de Put, Frank o'connor,
Rob Grutter, Marc van de Put

arriving at our homebase (Seppe) in the morning, the weather was marginal.
Cloudbase at 1500 ft all the way to Oostende. But on the westcoast of france
the weather was perfect (CAVOK). We had some doubts about the way back from
Maubeuge to Seppe (we would fly later that day), because the conditions around
Antwerp where IFR for whole of the afternoon. We decided to fly to our first
stop and have an other look at the weather when at LFAT.

Touqet is a nice airfield to land, We had runway 13 downwind baseleg approach.
Great view over the sea and the city. Fuel truck drives by and refuels the
planes, what a service :-)

It is
also possible to rent bikes at the airport for €4 per hour. In a few minutes
you can cycle to the city.

A good
look at the weather showed us that the visibility around Antwerp was improving,
so we decided to continue the trip as planned. Next stop Maubeuge Elesmes Airport
(LFQJ). An asphalt runway of good quality. The ATC communication is air to air.
So we made an overhead join for downwind runway 23.  

restaurant was basic but good. After a cup of coffee and a latest check at the
weather, we began our last leg back home again.

Due to
the position close to the Belgium border, we decided to contact Brussels
Information right after take-off. That learned us, that that corner of Belgium
has a very bad reception. Brussels info told us this was a known problem.
So we just stayed at 1400 ft to avoid the Brussels and Antwerp TMA.

about an hour we were back at Seppe airport again for our well deserved “Pilots
Beer”. A fun and exciting trip!

of the landing at LFAT in the video below.


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