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Flying trip Breda Aviation 22 feb 2015

On sunday the 22nd of february, Breda Aviation organised a flying trip to Germany. The planning was the first destination Dahlemer Binz and second destination Münster-Telgte.

Because of the low cloudbase and poor visibility in the south-eastern part of The Netherlands and Germany, we had to make new plans for the day. Eventually we decided to fly to Hoogeveen and after that to Texel.

Pilots for the day were: Jan Broeder, Rob Gruter, Rob Dinklo, Marcel Laane, Frank vd Put, Marc vd Put, Rimmert van Lummel, Arno Bakkeren.

First stop was Hoogeveen. A great flight with even a part VFR on top, because of the low cloudbase in the south eastern part of The Netherlands. When approaching Hoogeveen the sky got clear, At Hoogeveen we had a cup of coffee. The runway was very wet and bumpy. It took a while for us al to get loose from the ground, when departing for Texel (because of the wet grass).

At Texel we got 22 kts wind at the nose which made landing at low (ground)speed possible. After a warm welcome by ed, we went for a good lunch at the restaurant.

After the lunch and some shopping (Beer and liquor from texel) we went back home again. We flew through the De Kooy CTR and followed the west-coast of The Netherlands al the way past Rotterdam. That were some nice views.

Afterwards we all toasted with the Texels liquor (Juttertje) for the great organised flying trip. 


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