Trips overview Jozef Jankovic 2 years ago

Trip date Wednesday 3rd August 2016 to Sunday 7th August 2016

Trip from Lucenec to Vrsar

Flight from Lucenec/Slovakia via LJPT (refueling stopover) and LJPZ (passport procedures stopover) to Vrsar/Croatia in combined formation:
PS28 Sportcruiser - leader
Stylus X3 - No. 2 (right wingman)
Cessna 172 - No. 3 (left wingman)
Viper SD4 - No. 4 (right wingman)
Viper SD4 - No. 5 (left wingman)
Group of 11 people flying together to visit friend Rajko in lovely Croatian airport Vrsar. Nice experience for everybody. Just 4 hours of flying time over Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.
Trip back was with only stopover at Sarmellek airport (Balaton) but due to very strong headwind it took for 1 hour longer / whole flight was 5 hours flying time.

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