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Airport: EDBJ Internationales CESSNA Treffen 2018

Dear pilots,

At the weekend on 06.- 08.07.2018 we will perform our 5th International CESSNA-Meeting at the Airfield in Jena-Schöngleina (EDBJ). Of course, we do not exclude pilots from other types of aircraft smilie.

To ensure that the 5th International Cessna Meeting will once again be a highlight for all participating crews in the pilot year 2018, we will prepare various aeronautically and culinary highlights at the Jena-Schöngleina (EDBJ) airfield. Thus, we will focus on the organization of workshops on different topics, in response to the many requests of the participants of the last years. More information can be found later in the program. Only so far: the range extends from navigation / electronics to aircraft maintenance (exterior / interior) to engine maintenance.

We would like to cordially invite you to enrich our Cessna meeting with your presence.

Best regards

Wolfgang Kuhnert

Managing Director EDBJ

Location: Flugplatz Jena-Schöngleina, Flugplatz, Schöngleina, Duitsland

Event date Friday 6th July 2018 to Sunday 8th July 2018 Airport: EDBJ


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