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Airport: EHMZ Dutch AOPA Fly-in

Saturday, July 2nd 2016 will be the day of the very first Dutch AOPA Fly-In.
The event will be held in the very southwest of the Netherlands near the coast, at the Airport 'Midden Zeeland'. (EHMZ)
Flying in from the UK, Belgium, France or Germany is relatively feasible. All AOPA members and their passengers are very welcome. The airport has AVGAS 100LL, JET A1 and EURO98 fuels.

During the day visitors can enjoy a great variety of delicious food and drinks from local vendors. We have invited some interesting speakers. There will be a fair with booths representing aviation companies, such as aircraft manufacturers, maintenance and training companies. You will also be able to have a close look at some new aircraft.
More importantly, it will be an event where all aspects of Dutch General Aviation are represented - ATC, Aviation Authorities and Interest Groups. So expect a great atmosphere and a great excuse to make an international trip.

For visitors (registration till 1st of July 12:00 LT)

AOPA Members have free access and do not have to pay landing fees. Please bring your AOPA card for easy identification.
Non-AOPA members pay € 42.50 per plane. This includes the landing fees.
Passengers have free access.
Are you planning to come over? Let us know.
Please send an email to ledenadministratie[at]aopa.nl with the following information:

Your full name
Country of origin and AOPA membership number
The registratiaon of the aircraft with which you will fly to the Fly-In
The amount of persons on board (POB)
Your email address
Your telephone number

We are very happy to welcome you at our first AOPA Netherlands Fly In on 2 july at Midden Zeeland Airport (EHMZ).
A couple of pointers for those of you flying in from abroad regarding required equipment in the EHAA (Amsterdam) FIR. These are derived from the aeronautical information publication (AIP) and aeronautical information circulars (AIC) mentioned. All these can be found on the AIS Netherlands website. (http://ais-netherlands.nl/, tab AIS publications, click “I agree” and “next”, tab AIP or AIC)

8.33 KHZ radio is mandatory in some areas when flying VFR (including but not limited to military CTRs EHKD, EHDL, EHLW, EHWO, EHGR, EHEH, EHVK during tower opening hours) and always mandatory when flying IFR.
AIC A 02/2016
406 MHZ ELT is mandatory. This may be in lots of forms however, including portable.
AIC B 07/08
Mode S transponder is mandatory, however motorised VFR flights in class G airspace below 1200 ft AMSL (excluding the North Sea area Amsterdam, see ENR 2.2), non-motorised aircraft (gliders, hanggliders, parasailers or balloons) outside the transponder mandatory zones (TMZ, see ENR 2.2) are exempted.
AIP GEN 1.5 4.1

In short it is possible to come to Midden Zeeland with a portable ELT and without a 8.33 KHZ radio and without a Mode S transponder. One would have to stay outside the military CTRs when the tower is active (outside these times crossing clearance may be obtained from Dutch Mil flight information) and stay below 1200 feet AMSL.

Please note that this message from AOPA Netherlands is a guide only and not an exemption from the normal Pilot In Command responsibilty for a proper flightpreparation.

Happy flights!

Location: Vliegveld Midden Zeeland, Calandweg, Arnemuiden, Netherlands

Event date Saturday 2nd July 2016 to Saturday 2nd July 2016 Airport: EHMZ


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