Ramona Airport (KRNM)

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Fuel Types PPR
Montecito Road 2926
92065 Ramona ( United States )
+1 760-788-3366
Wikipedia info
Runway: 09 / 27
Length: 1524 meter ( 5001 ft )
Width: 46 meter ( 150 ft )
Surface: ASP
Elevation: 1386 ft
Description: SOCAL APP
Type: APP
Frequency: 132.200
Description: ASOS
Type: ASOS
Frequency: 132.025
Description: ATIS
Type: ATIS
Frequency: 132.025
Description: SOCAL DEP
Type: DEP
Frequency: 127.300
Description: GND
Type: GND
Frequency: 121.650
Description: TWR
Type: TWR
Frequency: 119.875
Description: CTAF/UNICOM
Type: UNIC
Frequency: 122.950