Bergen Airport, Flesland (ENBR)

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2 pilots visited this airport.

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Fuel Types PPR
Flyplassvegen 555
5258 Bergen ( Norway )
+47 67 03 15 55
Wikipedia info
Runway: 17 / 35
Length: 2990 meter ( 9810 ft )
Width: 45 meter ( 148 ft )
Surface: ASP
Elevation: 165 ft
Description: RADAR
Type: APP
Frequency: 121.000
Description: ARR
Type: ARR
Frequency: 125.000
Description: ATIS
Type: ATIS
Frequency: 125.250
Description: DIRECTOR
Type: DIR
Frequency: 118.850
Description: GND
Type: GND
Frequency: 121.900
Description: TWR
Type: TWR
Frequency: 119.100