Ameland Airport (EHAL)

On this aiport page you will find VFR Flying related info for Ameland Airport airport ( EHAL). Ameland Airport is rated excellent as a flying destination according to VFR Pilots. Scroll down for tips, trips, events, contact information and frequencies for this airport.

32 pilots visited this airport. 11 tips were added to this airport. The most recent tip is Kaasboerderij Ameland. 3 tips were shared involving this airfield.

This airfield is PPR, prior permission required.

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32 pilots visited this airport.

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Fuel Types PPR
Strandweg 19
9162 EV Ballum ( Netherlands )
+31 519 554 030
Email Address
Wikipedia info
Runway: 09 / 27
Length: 800 meter ( 2625 ft )
Width: 25 meter ( 82 ft )
Surface: grass
Elevation: 11 ft
Description: Ameland Radio
Type: INFO
Frequency: 118.350
Description: Leeuwarden tower
Type: TWR
Frequency: 120.700
Description: RAPCON North
Type: APP
Frequency: 120.100
Description: Dutch MIL
Type: FIR
Frequency: 132.350