Allendorf/Eder Airport (EDFQ)

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4 pilots visited this airport. 1 tip was added to this airport. The most recent tip is Ante Romantikhof Alte Wiesen. 6 tips were shared involving this airfield.

This airfield is PPR, prior permission required.

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4 pilots visited this airport.

Fuel Types PPR
35107 Allendorf (Eder) ( Germany )
+49 6452 6877
Runway: 11 / 29
Length: 1240 meter ( 4068 ft )
Width: 30 meter ( 98 ft )
Surface: ASP
Elevation: 1164 ft
Description: LANGEN RADAR
Type: ACC
Frequency: 124.725
Description: INFO
Type: AFIS
Frequency: 118.175
Description: ATIS
Type: ATIS
Frequency: 118.825
Description: LANGEN INFO
Type: INFO
Frequency: 123.525