Magdeburg Airport (EDBM)

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2 pilots visited this airport. 1 tip was added to this airport. The most recent tip is Good pizza at the airport (park plane in front of restaurant).

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2 pilots visited this airport.

Fuel Types PPR
Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 8
39120 Magdeburg ( Germany )
+49 391 6227865
Runway: 09 / 27
Length: 1000 meter ( 3281 ft )
Width: 30 meter ( 98 ft )
Surface: ASP
Elevation: 267 ft
Description: BERLIN INFO
Type: AFIS
Frequency: 132.650
Description: INFO
Type: INFO
Frequency: 119.300
Description: BERLIN RADAR
Type: RDR
Frequency: 124.175