Ostend-Bruges International Airport (EBOS)

On this aiport page you will find VFR Flying related info for Ostend-Bruges International Airport airport ( EBOS). Ostend-Bruges International Airport is rated very good as a flying destination according to VFR Pilots. Scroll down for tips, trips, events, contact information and frequencies for this airport.

12 pilots visited this airport. 10 tips were added to this airport. The most recent tip is Beluga, uitstekende lunch. 3 tips were shared involving this airfield. Ostend-Bruges International Airport organized 1 event.

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12 pilots visited this airport.

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Fuel Types PPR
Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 889
8400 Oostende ( Belgium )
+32 59 55 12 11
Wikipedia info
Runway: 08 / 26
Length: 3200 meter ( 10499 ft )
Width: 45 meter ( 148 ft )
Surface: CON
Elevation: 15 ft
Runway: 14 / 32
Length: 627 meter ( 2057 ft )
Width: 45 meter ( 148 ft )
Surface: GRS
Elevation: 13 ft
Description: APP
Type: APP
Frequency: 120.600
Description: GND
Type: GND
Frequency: 121.975
Description: TWR
Type: TWR
Frequency: 118.175
Description: ATIS
Type: ATIS
Frequency: 126.120